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Health & Safety Training Awards


Negotiating the Training for your Course

Full training can be provided by D&T in2 Action for a full course or for individual modules. This could be done at your school or at a venue negotiated with us.

The training times for these modules will vary dependent upon the content of the module. For example, under D&TA's recommendation, Wood Sawing Machines takes 6 hours, whereas the Mortiser is a one hour course. (Click on the thumbnail below for a fuller explanation)

Costing for our courses begins at £350 for up to 5 course delegates and £600 for between 6 and 10 delegates (we need to supply you with two trainers for the larger group size), plus travel to your school at the cost of fuel.

NOTE: Through changes that have occurred at The Design & Technology Association (D&TA) we are now able to award accreditation at the end of a day's course but delegates must now produce their portfolio of evidence for scrutiny by the RDTHSC at the end of that day. This is achieved by including evidence from pre-course activity into the portfolio and where this evidence is not brought along to the course, follow up scrutiny by the RDTHSC is likely to be in the region of £50 plus travel costs to your centre.

There are two distinct routes for training. These routes are Initial Training and Refresher Training. Under D&TAs new awarding system we are not allowed to have a mix of Initial and Refresher delegates on the same course and course delegates can only undertake refresher training if they already have a portfolio of evidence in place.

Some suggestions of routes you may like to explore.

How do I apply for a H&S Training Course?


2. Click here to download and undertake your personal audit.

3. Return your audit form by email to this address.

4. We will provide you with a password to access the modules and combinations we are able to offer.

5. Contact us by email or telephone to discuss your specific requirements.

6. We will then negotiate possible dates and costings for your training.

7. Once the training course is booked we will provide you with a full breakdown of the training and your pre-course tasks.

8. Teachers and Assistants undertaking the Core Level training will be required to complete a personal portfolio prior to the courses and submit it for accreditation on the day of the training.

Breakdown of courses available to meet the D&TA requirements.

Core Level Initial Training

I day – minimum of 6 hours


Specialist Level Initial Training

1 Day – minimum of 6 hours


Specialist Extension Level Initial Training - Suggested course combinations

I day courses – all are a minimum of 6 hours

• Wood sawing machines (S1HS) and Planer/Thicknesser machines (S8HS)

• Centre lathe for metal cutting (S2HS) and Milling machines and machining centre (S6HS)

• Metal arc welding (S4HS) and Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting (S5HS)

• Casting non-ferrous metals (S3HS)

• Wood turning lathe (S7HS)

• Portable power tools (S9HS)

• Grinding and sharpening (S10HS)

• Essential H&S for D&T Technicians (S12HS) Please note that this course provides workshop technicians with essential knowledge and understanding of H&S to help them provide quality support to staff and students in schools and colleges and does not qualify Technicians to use specific workshop equipment.

For Refresher Training Courses, Please contact us to discuss specific requirements for your school.


Please be aware that in addition to the course fee, a registration fee is payable to D&TA:- this is £20 + VAT for each registration and £20 + VAT for having extra modules added to an existing registration.

(All the Documents listed below in green are hyperlinks and once clicked open either .doc or .pdf files which can be printed off as required)

• Pre- Course Information required
(we need these details to tailor your course to the specific needs of you and your colleagues)

  Delegate Accreditation Details
  Departmental Audit
  Personal Audit


Once delegates have registered to take part in one of our Health & Safety courses we will supply you with a password to access the following documents in pdf format that you will need for completing your Portfolio of Evidence.

Enter the password below for access to the documentation.



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