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From Concept to Product...

1.The medical boot project

This research and development project was commissioned by Innovative Medical Products (IMP®).

The first photograph puts the product into context and shows a medical boot, designed and marketed by IMP®, to facilitate healing after fractures to the foot and/or lower leg.

In field use a number of the products had failed due to patients using them in situations of extreme use. The next two photographs show typical examples of this failure mode. We were commissioned by IMP® to investigate the failure mode and suggest modifications to the sole plate of the boot.

After extensive research we decided to simulate the failure mode by designing and building a pneumatic test rig©. The CAD concept of this design is shown in the movie clip below.

After the CAD simulation the test rig was built and a photograph of the rig is shown in photograph 4 above, and a movie of the rig in operation can be seen below.

Following changes to the design and the injection moulding process a new sole plate was developed and the revised version can be seen in the photograph below.

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